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BSL Shaders is a shaderpack exclusively for Minecraft: Java Edition with high customization and optimization. This shader includes realtime shadows, volumetric light, ambient occlusion, bloom, customizable clouds and water, and built in anti-aliasing. Additional effects are available, such as depth of field, motion blur, specular and normal mapping, celshading, world curvature, and more.


"Good lord, BSL Shaders are beautiful. Like, really beautiful."
Rock Paper Shotgun

"It really does bring the world to life in a pretty, picturesque sort of way."

"A high-performance choice"

"It’s like going on a pleasant camping holiday inside Minecraft"

"BSL Shaders deliver some of the best visuals you can get without breaking your rig."

"This is one of the most popular shaders for a reason, and it's certainly worth trying out."
Windows Central


What are the recommended video settings?
  • Graphics : Fancy
  • Render Distance : 8 or above
  • Smooth Lighting : Maximum
  • Smooth Lighting Level : 100%
  • Dynamic Lights : Fast / Fancy
  • Sky : On

I got a config (shader options file). How do I install it?
  • Put the config inside .minecraft\shaderpacks
  • Rename the config to the shaderpack's name (extension included, ended with .txt)
    BSL uses a config named BSL
    BSL v7.1 uses a config named BSL v7.1.txt.
  • Choose BSL Shaders

Can I run this in Minecraft 1.x.x?
    Shaderpacks is mostly independent from Minecraft version, which means you can run it in any version as long as Optifine is available on your target version. The lowest version I recommend is 1.13.2 though. Older than that, it's still useable but it have some issues.
  • 1.12.2 and below :
  • - Beacon beam still cast shadows. (minor issue)
  • 1.11.2 and below :
  • - Auto Exposure flickers quickly and doesn't work with TAA.
    - Rain / snow won't show due to very low opacity.
  • 1.7.10 :
  • - Outdated block ID format, some blocks may behave like normal blocks.
There is only one zip (per version). Where can I get lower / higher quality of it?
    You can change it through Shader Options. It allowed me to set up multiple quality "Profiles" in one zip, which allows easier distribution.

Should I change render quality and shadow quality in Shaders menu?
  • Render quality, you can lower it for sure. However, I'd recommend using the built in anti-aliasing (FXAA or TAA) instead of higher render quality since it's cheaper.
  • Shadow quality, don't. You can change it through shader options.
    Shadows > change Shadowmap Resolution and/or Shadow Distance.

I already put the shaderpack to the shaderpacks folder but it doesn't appear.
    Make sure to put the shaderpack in its zip form as is, extracting it is not required.


My top half of the sky is broken.
    Video Settings > Details > enable Sky.

I don't bring light sources and caves are too dark.
    Video Settings > change Brightness.
    This shader uses similar brightness to vanilla on caves (unless you change certain settings).

I turned on Round Sun & Moon and I still see vanilla sun & moon.
    Optifine doesn't support vanilla sun & moon toggle based on shader options, you need to disable it manually.
    Video Settings > Details > Disable Sun & Moon.

Why my fast leaves aren't solid?
    The shader doesn't do lighting on transparent surfaces to improve performance. However the transparent part of fast leaves still counts as transparent, leaving those parts unshaded. This is why I decided to force disable fast leaves.
    Video Settings > set Graphics to Fancy,
    Video Settings > Details > set Trees to Default / Fancy.


The shader is blurry. I don't like it.
    Shader Options > Post Process > reduce Bloom Strength, or disable Bloom.

The shader is too blue / bright / anything else related to color and brightness.
    Shader Options > Color > change the settings as you see fit.
    You can also try Shader Options > Post Processing > Color Grading & Tonemap Config

Why some blocks like glowstone and sea lantern are tinted yellow?
    I tinted it to make it look more consistent with the blocklight color. You can disable it through shader options.
    Shader Options > World > disable Emissive Recolor.

Why everything looks dull at night/when raining?
    I tinted everything to give a more atmospheric feel. Again, you can disable it through shader options.
    Shader Options > World > disable Desaturation.

I use resourcepack with specular and normal map, but nothing happened.
    Due to performance cost, extra effects which can be achieved with specular and normal map are disabled by default, you can enable it through shader options.
    Shader Options > Visual > enable Resource Pack Support.

I enabled Black Outline and I see patterned outlines on water and lava. It's disturbing.
    Shader Options > Waving Blocks > disable Water and Lava.

My screenshot is bright for no reason. It's fine ingame though.
    You have both Screenshot Size and Auto Exposure enabled. Disable Auto Exposure, you can change the expsure manually.
    Shader Options > Post Processing > Color Grading & Tonemap Config > change Base Exposure


My sky is broken and I use mods.
  • I have Astral Sorcery. Open the mod config file, set S:weakSkyRenders to 0.
  • I have Advanced Rocketry Open the mod config file, set B:overworldSkyOverride to false.
  • I have Botania Open the mod config file, set B:fancySkybox.enable to false.
  • I have Litematica Open the mod settings, set Visuals > enableRendering to false.


  • Shaderpack reformatting. This makes the pack slightly easier to work with and tweak.
  • Preview 1
  • - Almost every feature from previous version is implemented.
    - Very minor performance boost.
    - Added sky "ground" which darkens the bottom part of the sky.
    - Fixed incompatibilities on integrated graphics. (fix 1)
    - Fixed round moon using sun color. (fix 1)
    - Fixed vanilla sun and moon not covered by cloud. (fix 1)
    - Improved AMD compatibility. (fix 2)
    - Fixed lightmaps. (fix 2)
    - Fixed colored shadows and waving water being disabled. (fix 2)
  • Preview 2
  • - Added resource pack support, under a new name of "Advanced Materials".
    - Updated labPBR to v1.2.
    - Fixed handheld and framed map from being distorted by parallax.
    - Rough reflection uses another method which looks good enough without TAA.
    - Fixed world curvature shadow bug.
    - Added negative values to world curvature size. This allows the world to bend upwards.
    - Added savanna to per-biome weather color.
    - Fixed color grading doing nothing.
    - Fixed missing reflections from translucents. (fix 1)
  • Preview 3
  • - Nether overhaul: every nether biome have its own configurable color and improved nether visibility by reducing lava brightness and increasing fog brightness.
    - Added aurora, appears at night on cold biomes (with per biome weather enabled).
    - Added waving hanging lanterns.
    - Changed ultra from high shadows + motion blur to very high shadows. - Extended vanilla water option to water mode. You can choose between flat color, vanilla water, or tinted vanilla water.
    - Block ID mapping for 1.15 and 1.16, and updated ID convention.
    - Updated labPBR to v1.3.
    - Normal mapping and POM is temporarily disabled for hand items, entities, and block entities in 1.15 and above.
    - Replaced fog range option with fog density.
    - Sun glare from disabling light shaft is now affected by the intensity slider.
    - Some effects now scale by game resolution height rather than width.
    - Tweaked blocklight to be more neutral and dimmer.
    - Tweaked day fog.
    - Tweaked weather base opacity.
    - Tweaked emissive recolor to be more consistent in various intensity, now disabled by default.
    - Tweaked water fog distance multiplier.
    - Fixed misarranged per biome weather color.
    - Rearranged some options.
    - Removed vanilla star.
    - Tweaked block ID mapping to prevent conflict with existing blocks in 1.12 and lower. (fix 1)
    - Fixed banners. (fix 1)


  • Improvements over v7.1.04
  • - Fixed rain reflection error.


  • Extra features added :
  • - Soft particles
  • Improvements over v7.1.03.2
  • - Removed white reduction on textures.
    - Improved colored shadows.
    - Default color changes : less blue shadows at day, darker blocklight and night lighting.
    - labPBR specular format.
    - Tweaked lighting calculation.
    - Fixed blurry leads on non-integrated graphics.
    - Reduced entity glow intensity.
    - Less blinding furnace.
    - Rain reflection have ripples now.
    - Improved weather color intensity behavior.
    - Renamed lightmap banding to toon lightmap.
    - Improved metal rendering (resource pack support).


  • Improvements over v7.1.03.1 :
  • - Improved temporal accumulation on certain effects.
    - Improved light shafts.


  • Extra features added :
  • - Sharpening.
    - Subsurface scattering option.
  • Improvements over v7.1.03 :
  • - Fixed broken cutout blocks (like tall grass) on integrated graphics..
    - Rain reflection fades out when the player stands on dry biomes.


  • Extra features added :
  • - Rough reflections.
    - Rain reflections.
    - Directional lightmap.
    - Promo art outline.
  • Removed features :
  • - Bumpy edge.
  • Improvements over v7.1.02.2 :
  • - Fixed shadow bug caused by vanilla AO.


  • Improvements over v7.1.02.1 :
  • - Partial fix for cloud rendering behind skybox.


  • Improvements over v7.1.02 :
  • - Fixed sky error.


  • Improvements over v7.1.01 :
  • - Improved sun position calculation to support time manipulating mod.
    - Block ID mapping for 1.14.
    - Clouds are rendered earlier because campfire smoke exists.


  • Removed features :
  • - Rough screen space reflections (temporarily)
  • Improvements over v7.1 :
  • - Fixed dirty lens on non-16:9 aspect ratio..
    - Minecraft's AO now appears in white world..
    - Improved lightmap banding..
    - Switched BRDF from Blinn Phong to GGX.
    - ...and more.


  • Base features added :
  • - Lighting.
    - Full color customization.
    - Sky.
    - Bloom.
    - Desaturation.
    - Clouds.
    - Ambient Occlusion.
    - Fog.
    - Profiles (Low, Medium, High, and Ultra) - Screen-space reflection.
    - Light shafts.
    - Stars.
    - Lens flare.
    - Nether and End shader.
    - Per biome weather color.
    - Antialiasing (FXAA 3.11 and TAA).
  • Extra features added :
  • - Auto exposure.
    - White world.
    - Motion blur.
    - Depth of field.
    - Modifiable water wave and clouds.
    - Black outline.
    - Resource pack support.
    - Rough reflections - Bumpy edge.
    - Lightmap banding.
    - Round sun and moon.
    - World curvature.
    - Dirty lens.
  • Improvements over v7.0 :
  • - Texture overlays now work properly behind translucents.
    - Glowing eyes (from spiders and friends) no longer tinted by blocklight color.
    - Weather is now affected by blocklight.
    - Particles receive shadows now.
    - Vanilla clouds use shader lighting now..
    - Block ID mapping, allows the shader to run properly on 1.13..
    - Bottom part of tall plant no longer waves..
    - Removed beacon beam shadows..
    - ...and more.

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You're allowed to...

  • Use this shaderpack for taking screenshots and videos.
  • Modify the shaderpack for personal use.
  • Publish your heavily modified version of the pack.*
  • Redistribute the shaderpack for modpack / server with my permission.*

You're not allowed to...

  • Redistribute the shaderpack without my permission.
  • Claim (and rename) my shaderpack (or its code) as your own.
  • Use monetized URL shorteners to my site or files.

*My shader and myself (the author) should be credited clearly, add link to my site if possible.


  • Minecraft Java Edition 1.7.10 or above.
  • Optifine (Latest version recommended).
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX750 or anything similar or even better.


  • Download and install Optifine
  • Download the shaderpack
  • Put the shaderpack inside .minecraft\shaderpacks
  • Launch Minecraft
  • Open Options, Video Settings, Shaders
  • Choose BSL Shaders


Latest update : 1 August 2020

By downloading the shaderpack, you agreed to the agreement above.
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